What we do

We are an experienced Berlin based service provider of 2D & 3D game art.
We help your project artistically in what ever state it is.

Contact us if you need the following:

Concept Art

Concept Art

We can also do it ourselves. Check our portfolio.

We are very skilled artists and have gained experience in many genres and Art styles. If you want a certain Art style not included in our Portfolio still do not hesitate to contact us. We can replicate every style.
We also rework or upgrade existing artwork and consider ourselves not too good for this. We are proud to bring your artwork to the next level.


Book personal artistic consulting hours.

You need an extra eye to check the artwork you get delivered from a vendor, you need someone to do an artistic documented review of your game and point out things to improve, you need help to find the right art style to begin with for your game or you need artistic guidance and leadership for your internal team, then you can book art direction hours from us. Depending on the needs and the budget this could range from 1 hour to 8 hours per day.
UI Design

UI Design

We design your User Interface including painted UI-art.

We help you to find the right style for your user interface in what ever state the project is. In case you starting from scratch we will create comprehensive mock-ups including artwork to help you. The aesthetics of UI and its impact on the game experience is often underestimated. Producing all the UI and implementing it is also not a problem. We have a dedicated UI Grafic Designer at your service and 2D artists in case of hand painted UI.
Asset Outsourcing

Asset Outsourcing

(Incl. our Art Direction)
We outsource your assets and control the quality.

A project needs a very economic but high quality solution but you do not want the trouble of having language or long distance issues with asian art houses. We take care! We outsource the assets to our asian partners and manage the whole pipeline including our art direction loops to make sure to hand you the highest quality results always keeping the visibility as high as possible.



The Team

Christian Retzlaff

Christian Retzlaff

Creative Director
  • 22 years experience as an artist in many fields like animation, character design, storyboarding and illustration
  • 5 years experience in artistic lead roles in the mobile gaming industry
  • 5 shipped mobile titles as art director/lead artist
  Christina Standke

Christina Standke

Office Manager, Sales & HR
  • Studies of Business Administrations and Business Informatics
  • Over 30 years of experience in management and administration
  • Computer games enthusiast
Regina Redinger

Regina Reidinger

Lead Artist
  • Studies of Game Design
  • 3 years experience as a 2d artist in the mobile gaming industry
  • 2 shipped mobile titles as a 2d artist
Segismundo Bragança

Segismundo Bragança

UI Artist/ Graphic Designer
  • 6 years experience as a UI artist in the mobile gaming industry
  • 3 shipped mobile titles as Lead/ UI Artist
  • versatile and adaptable to styles
Sybille Hell

Sibylle Hell

2D Artist
  • Studies of Game Graphics
  • 2 years experience as a concept/2d artist in the gaming industry
  • 1 shipped mobile title as a concept/2d artist
Karolin Krüger

Karolin Krüger

Game Artist
  • Concept Art
  • Character Design
  • 3D Environmental modelling and texturing
Edward Winokan

Edward Winokan

2D Artist
  • Illustration & Concept Art
  • 3 shipped PC Games as Artist
  • Comic Book Author
Philipp Bunkus

Philipp Bunkus

Product Manager
  • 2 Years experience in agile project management
  • 3 shipped PC Games as Producer
  • Team Manager

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